Anita Prem Anand

Anita Anand is an Accredited Journey Practitioner and a Psychodynamic Counsellor. She is also a qualified Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teacher and conducts various workshops around the World. Practicing since 2002, Anita is a hugely experienced in Journeywork and Complementary therapy with over 10 years of experience in helping clients resolve their issues.

To add to her multi dimensional nature, Prem Anita Anand is a Holistic Healer, Art Therapist and Creator of ‘Art from the Heart Workshops’. Over a decade of practicing yoga, meditation and studying with different modalities of healing, she has found great joy and self discovery through painting. She considers her life a work of wisdom of art and ever flowing through the constancy of change. Her own work and experience with Art, Meditation and Transpersonal Psychology has inspired her to create a workshop to share this wonderful gift with others.

“The happiness I feel when I dance, meditate and paint without judgement & just pure innocence, allows me to express myself through this medium with an inner flow and freedom.  I am an artist and I absolutely treasure the creativity inside us all. I have learned much about creating a life of my own design from all the seeking, practice and living I have done. There have been many adventures on my roller coaster of a life and from those adventures I have learned some very useful tools and exercises that I incorporate in my workshops, where you learn to open the heart and just create beautiful art!”

Anita’s paintings spell exuberance and a free flow. She works with a beautiful blend of acrylics and inks. This is a beautiful selection which can lift and add vibrancy to any space.

Anita Anand's work is very Shamanic in nature. From the bold colours & strokes emerge animals and beings. This collection is beautifully showcased in teakwood frames.

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