SYSTEMIC CONSTELLATIONS facilitated by Dr Bindu Y Gupta
About the Workshop:

Systemic Constellations, a work developed by Bert Hellinger, a German philosopher - psychotherapist, refers to a pattern or an arrangement and can be broadly categorized into two specific types: Family Constellations and Structural Constellations.

Family Constellations is an effective method of illuminating the subconscious associations with our biological family. All our core learnings are rooted in biological family. We choose our family for a reason at soul level and our biggest learnings come from them. When we are able to come into an equilibrium or balance or resolution with the parents and siblings, all our relationships in life come into balance.

Many times there are rooted patterns which are not obvious to the physical eye or beyond our comprehension as to why we are attracting certain experiences. In our deep rooted subconscious, we feel that we need to be loyal to certain deep rooted patterns of the family system which may not be serving us. Also the untimely demise of a sibling or parent, or some victimization or atrocities committed by someone in the chain (which we may not even be aware of through generations) may be effecting our life and causing entanglements.

During this sacred soul level work, a Matrix or field is formed in the room. Like a X-ray hidden dynamics and energetics surface and resolve to the level the soul – that is ‘you’ are ready. Manifestation of what happens in the field during the workshop, happens magically in your life.
Structural Constellations is where we work with abstract / structured elements like potential, work, property, power, love, wisdom, self esteem, our physical body and our relationships with these elements. As harmony sets between self and these aspects, a huge shift is experienced energetically, eventually translating into the physical reality.

Systemic Constellations reveal ‘what is’ – much like taking an X-ray of our subconscious mind, the way we take an X-ray/sonography that shows ‘what is’ with regards to our complaint/issue with the physical body. Acknowledging ‘what is’ is very powerful. At times, simple acknowledgement can lead to a hugely transformative shift. It enables the individual to move from his personal stories to see the wider/bigger picture that is ‘the system’. As hidden dynamics move from the subconscious to the conscious, they lose the power to control us and then it is up to the consciousness of an individual to make choices and move.

At times, the move from the disharmonious picture to the harmonized one happens in the workshop space itself and the individual absorbs that new picture into self. At others, a sign or direction may be shown. The process continues to unfold in client’s space long after the end of the session.

The Importance of Systemic Constellation Work

"Children seldom or never dare to live a happier or more fulfilling life than their parents. Unconsciously they remain loyal to unspoken family traditions that work invisibly. Family Constellations are a way of discovering underlying family bonds and forces that have been carried unconsciously over several generations." - Bertold Ulsamer
The Setting of the Workshop

In a constellation workshop, various clients come up with particular issues that they wish to be addressed. The problems are usually long-standing issues that haunt the person's life, in spite of frequent efforts at developing or changing insight.

The beginning is usually the extreme love or attachment of a child for a member of the family. This leads to intractability of behavior, even if it is self sabotaging. This can be resolved using various solutions that appear in the form of new images that encourage the flow of love by restoring the place of missing members and harmonizing the family order.

The client chooses random representatives of the components of his issue from the workshop attendees, as guided by the facilitator. He then, accordingly places them intuitively, solely based on his feelings of how it would feel while being in the system.

When the members are positioned in relationship to each other in the specified zone, a unique phenomenon happens. The representatives become aware of thoughts and feelings which imitate those of the real family members. Irrespective of whether the workshop participants are perfect strangers to each other, or know each other for a while, these representatives actually turn into a live model of the real life family system dynamics that may even span generations.

In this workshop, even little gestures provide valuable information. Use of speech, kept to the minimum, makes it quite a powerful method.

The expansion of the systemic constellation work persists throughout the globe as many facilitators are adapting it to incorporate their own professional backgrounds and experience. This work can be used innovatively in various fields like business, education, health, the socio-political field as well as many other specialties. Constellations are being facilitated on every continent, in over 35 countries throughout the world.

Who can attend:

Whoever is ready to experience the magic of soul shifts. This may surface what has to resolve beautifully across multiple lifetimes. You need to have no issue in mind and do what we call a ‘blind constellation’ to witness & manifest what the matrix or field will show up to resolve.

For a specific issue like health, marriage, relationships, work, to be at your full potential, among others.

Benefits of Systemic Constellation Work

Systemic Constellations work enables us to live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives by rising above familial patterns which no longer serve the soul. Insightful choices through this work lead to life changing results, with a single session often being enough to generate a major breakthrough.

About the Facilitator:
Dr. Bindu Yatendra Gupta, B.H.M.S.; PG Diploma in Counseling and Health Psychology; Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist; PG Diploma in Transpersonal Regression Therapy (Tasso Instituut, Netherlands); is a Consulting Homoeopath, Counselor and an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist specialized in Transpersonal Regression Therapy and Systemic Constellation work.

She is a certified facilitator of Systemic Constellation Work by Aurosystemica and California Hypnosis Institute of India.

Her passion for a better world inspires her to facilitate Self Empowerment Workshops for people from different walks of life to come into their own through impactful group work.

: July 13, 2014, Sunday
Venue: Cosmic Heart Gallery
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Timings: 10am-7pm.
Energy Exchange: Rs.3500/-
Refreshments: Tea/ Coffee & lunch will be served
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