Potent energies of Guru Poonam paved the way forward for the group Dr Bindu gently gets to the core with each participant A Matrix or field gets created in the room where hidden energetics surface to be resolved. It is like taking an X-ray — at Cosmic Heart Gallery. A Family Constellation playing out..each step in a constellation is a soul journey & movement... — at Cosmic Heart Gallery. The client chooses random representatives of the components of his issue from the workshop attendees, as guided by the facilitator. He then, accordingly places them intuitively, solely based on his feelings of how it would feel while being in the system.
When the members are positioned in relationship to each other in the specified zone, a unique phenomenon happens. The representatives become aware of thoughts and feelings which imitate those of the real family members. Irrespective of whether the workshop participants are perfect strangers to each other, or know each other for a while, these representatives actually turn into a live model of the real life family system dynamics that may even span generations. Each person in the room is holding space Even when you watch a constellation playing out it it is a healing process Systemic Constellations Constellation work enables us to look at & resolve what is not obvious to the eye Systemic Constellations Systemic Constellations Systemic Constellations Systemic Constellations Systemic constellations is for those who are ready to experience the magic of soul shifts. This work can be used innovatively in various fields like business, education, health, the socio-political field as well as many other specialties. Constellations are being facilitated on every continent, in over 35 countries throughout the world. — with Jalpa Vithalani, Shanaya Mistry, Sylvia Vyas, Sheetal Makhija, Touching Lives Being You, Neerja Dasani, Bindu Gupta, Simi Shroff, Ananjan Mitter, Raksha Negotia and Toral Vithalani at Cosmic Heart Gallery. Systemic Constellations Life is about being happy & well — with Sylvia Vyas at Cosmic Heart Gallery. Systemic Constellations Systemic Constellations Beautiful day & beautiful shifts — with Neerja Dasani, Raksha Negotia, Bindu Gupta, Sheetal Makhija, Sylvia Vyas and Simi Shroff at Cosmic Heart Gallery. Systemic Constellations Fulfillment & peace... Systemic Constellations Jalpa Vithalani with Dr Bindu Y Gupta & Toral Vithalani, ISHAYAS — with Bindu Gupta at Cosmic Heart Gallery.
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