It is a privilege and blessing that Cosmic Heart Gallery has been part of the journey with HIS HOLINESS, THE DALAI LAMA'S visionary social and cultural work.<br>

It gives us immense pleasure to share that in September 2016, we are celebrated 100 years of establishment of Men-Tsee-Khang, by The Great 13TH DALAI LAMA in Lhasa, Tibet and 55 years of re-establishment of Men-Tsee-Khang by HIS HOLINESS THE 14TH DALAI LAMA in Dharamsala, India. In 2012, Dr Tenzin Thaye was selected as one of the four visiting physicians to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.<br>

Besides that he visited many foreign countries like Taiwan, Europe, US and Australia and was recently in Singapore for health consultations and other official activities. Since Jan 1, 2015, he has been assigned as the doctor for clinical tours and is also serving as one of the visiting physician to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Special thanks to our chief guest, Raageshwari Loomba - <br>

Beautiful inside out! That is the presence and vibration which set the tone for the incredible work done over 3 days...which continues.... — with Raageshwari Loomba. Thanks to the outreach of Janmabhoomi and the vision & support of Chief Guest, Shri Kundan Vyas, CEO of this esteemed publication; people from different parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat trickled in over 3 days....was overwhelming to have families with train tickets from different districts....and to be able to serve them.<br>

Life is about being happy and well! CENTENARY OUTREACH PROGRAMME IN MUMBAI INCLUDED<br>
1. Medical & Astro - Thangka Exhibits and Art Exhibition<br>
2. Medical Consultation<br>
3. Astro Science Consultation<br>
4. Talks on Tibetan Medicine & Astro-Science<br>
5. Video Screenings — with Neeraj Sabharwal and Joyita Sabharwal. The youngest member to have a pulse reading, our beautiful little Samaya <3 — with Raageshwari Loomba. Special gratitude to Shri Jaya Maheshwari - the pioneer to indruce Tibetan Medicine in North Mumbai a decade ago. Her son was cured of blood cancer with Tibetan medicine and she has been the key guiding force for me.<br>

Immense gratitude to Shri Paresh Zatakia, Smt Inna Satara, Shri Sanjay Shah, Shri Himanshu Bhatt & Shri Bharatbhai who stood by us for all three days to look after all visitors Men-Tsee-Khang (Tibetan Medical & Astro. Institute) is cultural, educational and charitable Institute with primary objective to preserve and promote the traditional system of Tibetan medicine (Sowa Rigpa) and Astro-science practiced for thousands of years in Tibet.<br>

Tibetan medicine is one of the indispensable parts of Tibetan culture and background; by which Tibetans can contribute to the well being of the people of the world.<br>

Thus, the Institute always endeavors to give the best possible health care at minimum cost.<br>

Visit website at: Tibetan Doctors exude health!<br>

They exhibit the highest levels of compassion, as they put their knowledge into practice to bring people into optimal health & balance. Talks on Tibetan Medicine & Astro-Science and Video Screenings in progress — with Threlsar Yeshi Tsering. SORIG PRODUCTS not only does it helps for the health of outer body but also supports the inner mental state. Sorig products are prepared from the herbs which are grown in Tibet and Himalayan regions located at about 3000 meters above the sea level. Such herbs are collected with utmost care and respect to the surrounding environment.<br>

Sorig herbal healthcare products: are formulated from pure natural herbs which are rich in healing and rejuvenating potencies to sustain and nourish against harmful chemical substances and ageing. The recipes so implied is based on the traditional Tibetan science well being, which has a long history of more than 2,500 years. At present, Men-Tsee-Khang produces 54 different kinds of herbal products: skin and hair care, health drinks, supplements and incense.<br>— with Radhika Chopra. A Thangka is a traditional Tibetan Buddhist painting on cotton, or silk appliqué, usually depicting a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala.
Art is used as a meditation tool by Tibetans to help bring one further down the path to enlightenment.<br>

The Buddhist Vajrayana practitioner uses a thanga image of their yidam, or meditation deity, as a guide, by visualizing themselves as being that deity, thereby internalizing the Buddha qualities<br>

Thangkas hang on or beside altars and may be hung in the bedrooms or offices as beautiful wall hangings Smt. Shakuntala Parekh, President of Bhartiya Stree Seva Sangha with Dr. Thaye Registrations ~ as we got 4 clinics running! The Tibetan clinic, flanked by books, art & artefacts DR. KALSANG DOLMA<br>
Acquired Kachupa Degree(Bachelor in Tibetan Medicine) from Men TseeKhang, Tibetan Medical & Astro College, India in 2013. Currently working as a CMO at Men-Tsee-Khang Branch Clinic, Navi Mumbai. — with Dolma Kelsang. Personal Astro Science reading in progress by Dr Tenzin Lhamo — with Tenzin Lhamo. Collecting the medicines after consultations -<br>

The Tibetan medicines are made from formulas that are 2500 years old. These were brought from Dharamshala DR. YESHI TSERING<br>

Dr. Yeshi Tsering was born in a Tibetan refugee settlement Tenzingang, a small village in Arunachal Pradesh. Under the able guidance of his mother, after finishing his high school, he went to study Traditional Tibetan Medicine and completed his 6 yrs Kachupa Degree, Bachelors in Tibetan Medicine from Tibetan Medical & Astrological Institute, Dharamsala-India. In the year 2012. Dr. Yeshi did his Diploma on Acupuncture as a complementary medicine completed his one year intern as a physician.<br>

In the year 2013 he was deputed as Tibetan Medical Physician CMO / Doctor in Malad Branch Clinic, Mumbai and have been serving here since then. — with Threlsar Yeshi Tsering. Tibetan prayers and chanting created the most beautiful space for the wellness camp...  With Dolma Kelsang, Tenzin Lhamo, Sonam Wangmo and Tenzin Seldon. Felicitating the amazing team of Doctors! — with Dolma Kelsang, Sonam Wangmo, Threlsar Yeshi Tsering and Tsering Paljor. TASP DR TENZIN LHAMO<br>
Acquired Kachupa Degree in Tibetan Astro-Science and Astronomy with Buddhist philosophical studies in 2009 and three months Intensive Translation course in 2011. Has presented daily astrological reading for a T.V channel called Sadhana. Visited London and Scotland in 2014 and done presentations, workshop and given multiple astro consultations.<br>

Currently working as a Tibetan Asto-Science practitioner (TASP) in the Astro-department of Men-Tsee-Khang — with Tenzin Lhamo. MS. TENZIN SELDON on top right<br>

Bachelor’s degree in life science from Himachal Pradesh University. Studied M.Sc Neuroscience from Madras University. In 2014 earned diploma in Buddhist Philosophy from Snowland Gangchen Rigney School, Gyumed Tantric University, Karnataka.<br>

Currently working in Body Mind and Life Department, Men-tsee-khang and also teaching as a Neuroscience lecturer to the Tibetan Medical College Students and help in organizing workshops on mental healthcare. — with Tenzin Seldon. Tibetan medicine (SOWA RIGPA – Science of healing) is a holistic form of medicine which alleviates disease and promotes health through herbal medicines, diet and lifestyle advice, manual body therapies, mental, emotional support and spiritual guidance.<br>

Tibetan medicine is a science, art and philosophy that provides a holistic approach to health care.<br>

- It is a science because its principles are enumerated in a systematic and logical framework based on an understanding of the body and its relationship to the environment.<br>

- It is an art because it uses diagnostic techniques based on the creativity, insight, subtlety and compassion of the medical practitioner.<br>

- And it is a philosophy because it embraces the key Buddhist principles of altruism, karma and ethics.<br>
— with Raageshwari Loomba. Pulse readings were done for overall health within minutes for just Rs. 100/-. — with Sonam Wangmo, Tenzin Lungtok, Threlsar Yeshi Tsering and Natasha Lalla. Tibetan Medical System or the Tibetan wisdom of healing having its rich historical background is one of the renowned & old aged medical traditions in the world.<br>

Since the beginning of human civilization in Tibet, Tibetans have acquired and developed the knowledge of maintaining healthy and good physical appearance. This precious knowledge of healing is preserved by the Tibetans on the roof of the world.
The beautiful Loomba family in sync & union with the cause Pulse readings give an indication of overall, health & vitality of the body. The expert team of Doctors at work here. We created 4 clinics running for 10 hrs a day at the camp. — with Tenzin Lungtok and Sonam Wangmo. DR. SONAM WANGMO<br>
Acquired Kachupa Degree (Bachelor in Tibetan Medicine) from Men TseeKhang, Tibetan Medical & Astro College, India in 2008. Currently working as a Project Co-ordinator for Clinical Trial of Tibetan Medicine on Type 2 Diabetes and General Physician at Men-Tsee-Khang Branch Clinic, Nizamuddin, New Delhi. Dr Sonam has given multiple talks and presentation to the students of University of Minnesota USA, to the students of Queens University Kingston Canada in 2013 and doctors group from CIS countries. She has also participated and visited medical outreach tours to Vietnam. She has attended a two month intensive course for acupuncture. Highest levels of compassion shown by this team of Doctors as they engaged with the visitors Tibetan Elemental Astrology, 'Byung-rTsis, is based on the five elements, the twelve-year cycle, eight par-kha or trigrams, and nine sme-wa or magic square numbers. Astro Science consultation and readings were available through this exhibition. — with Tenzin Lhamo.
Snippets of the Tibetan Camp in North Mumbai, Sept 24-26, 2106
Tibetan jewellery! We created a mini Dharamshala right here in Mumbai :)
Snippets of the Tibetan Camp in North Mumbai, Sept 24-26, 2106<br>

Men-Tsee-Khang Sorig has introduced a wide range of herbal products and publications on Tibetan Medicine, Tibetan Astro-Science and books on or about His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Snippets of the Tibetan Camp in North Mumbai, Sept 24-26, 2106 Snippets of the Tibetan Camp in North Mumbai, Sept 24-26, 2106 Many blessings! Thank you for your special presence Raageshwari Loomba,<br>

Special thanks to MR PALJOR – Program, Coordinator of Centenary Celebrations from Dharamshala — with Raageshwari Loomba and Tsering Paljor. A pulse reading & consultation with Dr. Tenzin Thaye Lak, one of the Visiting Physicians of HIS HOLINESS THE DALAI LAMA at the Tibetan Wellness Camp in Mumbai — with Sangeeta Wadhwani.
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