WASH Cloth Pads Making Workshop for Community Workers in Bihar

While virtual learning seems to be the order of the day during the Pandemic, Humans for Humanity organised a free Cloth Pad Making workshop for women, Community workers and self helpgroups throughout Bihar. The organisation collaborated with Taarini Trust and Rehab India.

Humans For Humanity is an NGO headquartered in Delhi, which was founded in 2014 by Anurag Chauhan. At the young age of 16 he embarked on a journey of serving society.

The organization also works on projects related to Education, PM Modi's Swach Bharat Campaign and Promotion of Indian Culture and Heritage.

What we have launched in big way is WASH – Women Sanitation & Hygiene. Humans for Humanity, has been running this since the last 5 years and it has reached and benefitted thousands of women across the nation. During the lockdown, women have been making their own pads. We have many women who have been trained to produce pads and its also generating employment and a livelihood for them.

Jalpa Vithalani, State Director- Maharashtra for Humans for Humanity conducted this workshop. Artika & Rashmika Das from the partner NGOs also played an important role to reach out to the trainees.

With the synergies and common purpose of working around Menstrual Hygiene and Sanitation, it was a great success. There were over 100 self help groups, community workers, men & women learning this together with hundreds of people watching the session online through Facebook Live.

“The session saw an overwhelming response from our community members across villages. We had SHG members, community mobilisers, teachers join from various villages from Seemanchal region of Bihar. This is truly the need of the hour.” said Rashmika Das (CSR head, Rehab India) Rehab India Foundation is a grassroot organization working in the most backward villages of India, with an aim of rehabilitating the marginalized sections of rural India.

Artika from Taarini Trust conducted the workshop seamlessly. Taarini Foundation implements projects for community building and social welfare. The ongoing project “MAHINA” is on Menstrual Health Management advocacy for women who with the help of Humans For Humanity reached out to thousands of people virtually.

“We have been running the WASH project for over 5 years now helping women and it has benefited women immensely during the lockdown. We always distributed sanitary napkins during the workshops and made the shift to eco friendly kits to reduce menstrual plastic waste and also contribute to a green environment. There is a comfort physically for women who enjoy using them. The kits last for a minimum period of one year and up to two years. Workshops such as these have a domino effect with the skills getting disseminated.” Shares Jalpa Vithalani.

“Most importantly they are generating an income by producing them. We have trained several groups in different parts of the country to produce cloth pads to make them independent and many of them are are now selling them door to door.” Shares Anurag Chauhan.

“Women and girls can change the entire face of a community and it is important that we empower them and train them.” Adds Jalpa.

To bring together such a large audience on a virtual zoom call (medium) from marginilised backgrounds and to disseminate these skills and sharing was an achievement in itself.

It is that time in the world, where we must all come together and this was also the message that these three NGOs represented by their actions. We must give back to Pacha Mamma, our Earth Mother and by honouring our bodies and her environment with eco friendly cloth pads – this is certainly a step in the right direction.

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