Flowering.... Celebrate being a Woman Lovely group energies...all the women holding space for one another — with Veechi Shahi and Farida Venkat at Cosmic Heart Gallery. Dr Veechi Shahi & Farida Venkat - A New Leaf with Jalpa Vithalani Exploring collective women consciousness through Tarot & Art Inside every woman is a sacred and sensitive space where she can flower into her uniqueness and step into the circle of beautiful & wise women Introduction to A New Leaf DE-stressing tools and techniques for everyday life A New Leaf enables Dr. Veechi, Farida Venkat & their partners to support you to advance in your journey of transformation, from Emotional Quotient to Spiritual Quotient. Organic solutions for better living Beautiful round of partner work Guided Meditation to connect with inner & outer beauty Sharing from the heart space... Unconditional love... This transformation workshop was especially designed for women to connect with inner strength, sensuality, wisdom & intuition through healing, meditation & celebration. — at Cosmic Heart Gallery. Enjoying the SUFI ART
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