In a bid to keep the torch of Indian traditions burning bright in this modern world, it was time for Ekam 2018- “Awaken Your Inner Sky” a two day festival at Phoenix Market City, Kurla to gather oneness through the synergies of painting, literature & performing arts. The performing arts for this festival was curated by Kalashri Lata Surendra ji, visual arts was curated by Jalpa H Vithalani & literature was curated by Smita Parikh. Kalashri Lata Surendra ji partnered with Smita Parikh - Founder of Lit-O-Fest, Jalpa H Vithalani – Creative Head, Cosmic Heart Gallery and Phoenix Market City to birthe a unique festival.. Cosmic Heart Gallery curated a live painting session in association with the prestigious JJ School of Art for this special event. The artists included Sshubham Malu, Swapnil Pate, Manish Shinde and Rahul Kamble. It turned out to be a vibrant amalgamation of dance, music, art, theatre and literature. On the special occasion of Guru Purnima DIKSHA - the sacred bond between Guru & Shishya was celebrated. Legendary Kuchipudi Exponent & Guru Smita Shastri’s performance held the spirits high as she performed Mayura Kavutham, painting the peacock with dancing feet. The performers mesmerised the audience with a coordinated display of dance and painting by talented artists from all over the country. The flow of time painting brought to life, in form of Kathak by former Ms World, Celebrity Dancer & Actress Neha Bannerjee Disciples of renowned Mohini Attam Exponent & Guru Geetha Vijay Shanker proudly performed to bring alive Painter Prince Raja Ravi Varma's iconic work Draupadi. Uma Dogra, the senior most disciple of Pandit Durga Lal, the Kathak Maestro from Jaipur Gharana danced to portray Radha Krishna painting by Jamini Roy who was one of the most influencial painters of 20th century. The soulful journey was one from stillness to stillness. The performing artists brought to life paintings of different artists with movement. The visuals artists completed the cycle by interpreting this movements back onto their canvas as a stunning artwork, as they enjoyed the performances. Hence the zero point journey back to stillness onto their canvas. The event played out as paintings come to life through the dancing feet of great legends. Both art and dance are beautiful forms of expression and here we created unique synergies. Another astounding Kathak performance was presented by Legendary Marami Medhi and her talented daughter Meghranjani Medhi Ashtabhuja Devi painting was brought to life by the Renowned Odissi Exponent & Guru Shubha Varadkar, Mitali Varadkar, Atrrayee Chowdhury & Shreya Sabarwal Concentric circles, Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky was performed by seasoned Kathak exponent Dr. Sunil Sunkara. The painting is in-depth art style called Expressionism. Expressionists wanted to use art to express their feelings and emotions, usually through bold us of line and colour. For Kadinsky, colour meant more than just visual component of a picture. Colour is its soul. Exponent Ankit Pahadia Performed the vibrant chau act, which totally compliments SKY an unique painting of Wassilyevich Kandinsky. Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky’s painting Triangle, inspired a Duet between Ankit and Sunil focusing on the geometric shapes creating in space using Nritya Bols. The enchanting painting of Blue Lotus by artist Silvia Duran inspired the Bharat Natyam act of Guru Dr. Suman Badami in Ekam 2018. “Symbolic image of the legend.... The first Sun was born of a blue lotus flower...” as described by the artist. Teenagers Crew of Rohan Parmar & Team presented a Ganesha aarti in unique aerial Kinestthetics act in
Indo – contemporary style. These were all children from underpriveleged backgrounds. Acclaimed Kathak Exponent Nandita Puri was a picture of grace & stole many hearts with her captivating performance on a qawwali dedicated to Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty
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