Dr. Pearl demonstrated a live healing in each seminar. He asked for a volunteer from the audience in the room.<br />

Shameen Botawala who is one the key Trustees of D.M. Jariwala Orphanage put her hand up with eagerness. She had a ligament tear in both her shoulder joints and hence inability to move the hands upwards beyond approx 45 degrees.<br />

Dr. Pearl asked for yet another volunteer who has never done any sort of energy work in their life. Fashion designer, Aparna Suneja, expressed that she is skeptical but happy to volunteer all the same.<br />

Dr. Pearl requested Shameen to demonstrate to the crowd how much her hands could move up. They could not go beyond 45 degrees.<br />

He then made Aparna feel and experience the Reconnective frequencies in her own hand. She described what she felt as a very light magnetic sensation. He told her to act that she is stretching a rubber from the center of her two palms and she was amazed by the heat & sensations on her hands.<br />

He then made her play with the frequencies between her hand and the second volunteer, Shameem Botawalla’s palm. What Aparna Suneja found amazing is that, the further she moved away from Shameen the stronger were the energy sensations she experienced. This is totally contrary to what she might have imagined or heard - that with distance the energy should be less.<br />

In Reconnective Healing they say that the long distance sessions are proven to be equally effective. So even if the person is in another part of the world they can have long distance sessions.<br />

Aparna had not worked around the affected shoulder areas at all where Shameem had the ligament tears. She had just followed Dr Pearl’s instructions and focused on Shameem’s palm.<br />

After this Dr. Pearl urged Shameen to put both her hands at 45 degrees in straight line and try moving them upwards. Shameen hesitatingly tried this and was in complete disbelief when both her hands / palms could touch and join above the top of her head. She had not experienced this kind of mobility for the last two years.<br />

The people in the room broke into an applause being in awe. Aparna herself expressed in almost childlike glee – Did I really heal her? Did I do that? At the other Seminars DR Pearl also had two children volunteer and they participate in the healings.<br />

Reconnection Healings can be fairly instantaneous and usually last for a life time. It is a three way process between the Universal Intelligence (the source, the field), the practitioner and the client. Both practitioner and client are in receiving mode.
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