Rutuja Divekar | Complexity of Nature | Mix media on canvas | 48” X 48”<br />
A woman faces dilemma and has choices at every step of her life. She desires to find her identity, her own essence as she journeys through life. She is not segregated but whole. Rutuja Divekar | Woman | Acrylic on canvas | 30” X 24”<br />
A woman is also known as 'Prakruti' (nature) which is always changing. She tends to get bound by the rules of society, as she balances her life on a single thread. The thread represents the entanglement of bonds and her own thoughts. Suraj Lohar | Untitled I | Oil on canvas | 24” X 24”<br />
This painting features a creative landscape of the painter's own farm. He depicts the rays of the morning sun, which make the fields appear rich and golden. Suraj Lohar | Untitled II | Oil on canvas | 24” x 30”<br />
This painting is an abstract version of a sling shot. The artist delves into his childhood were he always use to carry the catapult to keep animals and birds away from the fields. The instrument is of no significance in today's world, but its memory is still vivid in Suraj's mind. Chetan Pashilkar | Untitled III | Oil on canvas | 36” X 30”<br />
During his visit to the holy shrine of Pandharpur the artist was greeted with the crowd gathered to see Vithal. This inspired him to paint the Lord. The gathering manifests itself in a white line. The bull symbolizes the farmer. The people in the crowd rejoice and sing. The two fish on shoulders represent the Vithal of Pandharpur. The yellow colour symbolizes energy and power, which houses single minded devotion. Chetan Pashilkar | Expanse of the Mind | Oil on canvas | 36” X 30”<br />
Friendship and pure connections are formed in a space of expanse and freedom, where there are no expectations and agendas. The artist has depicted this expanse of the mind and soul. Chetan Pashilkar | The Journey | Oil on canvas | 24” X 24”<br />
All the people travelling in a vehicle are disappointed as their transport has broken down and they cannot find their way. They look up at North Star to find their way. This is symbolic and the artist has used the car and people as metaphors, for situations and reactions of people when they are stranded and stuck. Our response to the journey is what makes a difference and creates hope. Prof Vishwanath Sabale | Untitled IV | Oil on canvas | 48” X 48”<br />
A beautiful representation of nature. Ramdas | Beauty  | Acrylic on canvas | 36” X 30”<br />
The Artist is from the tribal background & brings forth the elements of nature such as water, land and the forest. On all the key festivals the native villagers wear peacock feathers on their heads, as they perform as group dance. The peacock feather is treated as a sacred emblem which represents immortality. Ramdas | Strength | Acrylic on canvas | 30” X 36”<br />
The bull represents one of the most important aspects in farming. The farmers in the artist village, have always been dependant on the bull. Anil Chouhan | Towards Urbanization I | Watercolour & ink on Japanese paper | 30” X 36”<br />
Towards urbanization was a major situation that was witnessed in the village. Everyone has their dream to go to the city for a better life and brighter future. But they never know what they have lost, in their journey of dreams Anil Chouhan | Towards Urbanization II | Watercolor & ink on Japanese paper | Radius 23”<br />
The story narrates life of common people. Their journey has started with new hopes and aspirations and the search has not yet ended. It is the unseen story towards urbanization. Anil Chouhan | Objects in Society | Watercolour on paper | 36” X 42” Divya Ramrecha | Delusion | Acrylic | 30” X 36”<br />
The painting titled delusion is about the misconception people have regarding dogs howling. Dogs howling are mostly a response to environmental triggers, to alert their community to changing circumstances. However people tend to associate it with a prediction of something untoward. A time to change our thought processes? Divya Ramrecha | Untitled V | Acrylic on canvas | 30” x 24”<br />
This painting depicts a sacred Tulsi plant which is venerated by Hindus. The plant is shown to bear chillies and lemons as well. Both Tulsi and lemon are considered as auspicious symbols in the Hindu community.<br />
Seven chillies and a lemon tied together and hanging on the entrances of houses, shops and vehicles are believed to safeguard people from the evil eyes of others. Still Tulsi and chillies are diametrically opposed to each other. The houses in the background portray the society we live in. Anil Chouhan | Towards Urbanization III | Watercolor & ink on Japanese paper | 12” X 12” Anil Chouhan | Lost in Urbanization III | Watercolor & ink on Japanese paper | 8” X 8”
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