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Vishal Sabley
Vishal Sabley’s Nayika series of paintings have a distinct mystical and poetic form.
The Artist had begun painting this series Nayika nine years ago. "I was inspired by the medieval poetry of Jayadeva's Gita Govinda and Keshavdas's Rasik Priya and wanted to transform poetry into visual form in my own way. Nayika is not just a divine beauty or fantasy, idea or spirit but also a creator of new life," says the Artist.
“I see the women in my works as a representation of sensuality, love and affection.”http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/images/pixel.gif Talking about his paintings Vishal says, "I believe the female form is the most rhythmic expressive medium to showcase the subtle emotions and the state of mind with the help of her body language that is eloquent as well as alluring."
The different Nayikas of Indian mythology like Radha, Damayanti, Shakuntala, Parvati and Meera have inspired the Artist. "I have used Hasta Mudras in different combinations, with different accompanying motifs drawn on the Nayika’s body to convey different thoughts and concepts. They are shown in various moods and my paintings show that she is aware of the abundant beauty and power within her."
The works showcased by Vishal Sabley depict the complete woman. The forms are evocative yet supple & graceful. Some of these Nayikas potray Shringara Rasa, the mood of love.
What is interesting is that while they enliven Indian culture, the moods of the work show a woman who is at whole, balanced and at ease. The blend of colours and hairstyles are modern. They spell out the new age confidence and style of the fulfilled woman.
A beautiful, unique collection of work in an Indo Western fusion of qualities, style and colour. These paintings complement almost any décor and any space.
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