Tapan Madkikar
Introducing one of the traditional forms of printmaking techniques and the unique trend of RELIEF PRINTS on paper by Artist Tapan Madkikar
In this printmaking process the protruding surface of the matrix (printing screen or block) is inked, leaving the recessed areas ink free. Printing the image is done by inking the face of the matrix & bringing it in firm contact with the paper.
The relief family of techniques includes woodcut, metalcut, wood engraving, relief etching, linocut and some types of collagraphy.
Each print is considered an original, rather Impresión as they say in Latin.
Relief impressions involve creating prints with an added element of the Artists’ originality, be it colour or carved geometrical designs or any other element of art. This is a unique art form which is a popular trend in the West. This beautiful collection of relief prints is distinct, contemporary and would create beautiful aesthetic balance in homes & offices.
Making a relief print is an process where even the slightest error would mean restarting the entire project. “Before starting a print painting I have to not only visualise my final work of art; but also have to visualise the stages through which it will go. My judgment needs to be precise for the painting to be perfect.” says the Artist.
The intricate nature of this art involves dedication & patience besides creative skills and Tapan has further evolved as an Artist along with the creation of these striking works.

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