Rupali Madan

Rupali Madan, a multi faceted and multi talented artist, has carved a niche for herself. She is one of those artists who has carved her mark with working on stone, which can be strenuous - a talent that very few Indian women have been able to hone. Rupali Madan is equally adept with her creations in wood, terracotta, fiber glass, metal & even on canvas. While she is inclined to Indian traditional art, she also practices contemporary and modern art.

She has a love for ancient Indian art found in the old temple architecture, scriptures found in our heritage sites like Khajuraho temples, Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Elephanta Caves, among others.

The Artist has used selective images from these treasures of India and represented them in metal resulting in a beautiful collection of artefacts. These can be displayed creatively as door knobs, collages on walls, even as a design element in furniture. She aspires to revive Indian Art and its charm in her own unique way.

Rupali Madan Founder of ERA, says “I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to teach art to special kids, blind and orphaned children and also underprivileged women. Working with them for several years now, I realized that their talent and dedication deserves an apt platform. It is with this purpose that ERA birthed. As I am very passionate about Indian traditional art, I have promoted the same through my organization.”

One of her sculptures in stone was awarded by the renowned Bombay Art Society in 2009. Rupali is touted as a promising woman sculptor in India by DNA newspaper, Femina, The Times of India & few others.

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