I WALK THE LINE by Pablo Ramirez Arnol
In association with Consulate General of Argentina

A line is a dot that went for a walk ~ PAUL KLEE

The line is the essential and universal element of the drawing. The drawing is a combinatorial operation in which the line can be one of the elements. Line, on general acceptance, is like  abstraction, which is  basically defined by the effect of tension and direction. In that narrow sense, the line is the effect of a directed tension. A line is like an imprint on a surface, it could be defined as any stroke or directional mark which is used for a purpose. The line is defined not only as an outline, but as a stroke or directional mark used for any objective on a plane, which symbolizes thinking.

The line as a graphic expression is the most expressive visual element, It is the seeker of that gaze which puts in order , delimits, simplifies, directs.It is the origin of the form.
If we define the word TRAVEL, we could say the beginning of a path. An action which has to be taken from one point to another.  We define ourselves in the process of traveling and as we move we can think of a line that manifests itself in movement. The lines of travel can be straight from one point to another or perhaps there is a change in its course, it goes  back creating curves or perhaps the mere decision of remaining stationed.  
Argentina and India are countries which are  distant from each other but have set a journey  which has represented a strong movement, of curved and crossed lines, of oblique’s and lines, of emotions that can be described in an infinity of points between them juxtaposed. This travel diary is THE LINE, it’s a PLOT as well as its a TEXTURE at the same time, it is a living thought of what has been experienced, it leaves a trace behind as it interprets a thought or an experience into an artistic form.
» Walking India Series by Pablo Ramirez Arnol

In association with Consulate General of Argentina

“We are living in a world without borders and when we express ourselves through the medium of art there is no language. "Today, culture and the arts in Argentina are inextricably linked, the arts being an excellent way to understand the rich culture of the country. Argentina's fascinating art & culture is an eclectic mix of strong European influences fused with indigenous tradition,” says Jalpa H Vithalani, Creative Head & Director, Cosmic Heart Gallery.
“The country's history has given rise to passionate creative expression through art, literary, music and cinematic production and diverse architecture. From the tango to the traditional fiestas, Argentina continues to grow as an artistic and cultural role model throughout the Americas," adds Jalpa.

» About the Artist

Pablo Ramirez Arnol’s artistic training began in the classrooms of the National School of Fine Arts PRILIDIANO PUEYRREDON, Buenos Aires. From 1999 to 2004, he served as a teacher of art (drawing and painting-sculpture) for blind and visually impaired in the Eduardo Sívori Museum, City of Buenos Aires.

Until 2016 the Artist was in the special school Portal del Sol; making murals and activities of public art in schools across the country under the Exchange Project and Service Learning. In 2004 Pablo Ramirez Arnol was awarded the annual Scholarship at the INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE PROGRAM ARTISTS, dependent on the National Directorate of Cultural Policy and International Co-operation of the Ministry of Culture of the Nation. 

“I work as an illustrator of children's books and poetry, highlighting among some, the book "Variations of light" with Diana Bellessi, editor of “Magic Oranges” and actively participated in poetry in schools across the country, encouraging reading and art as a whole,” shares the Artist.

“This talented Artist has participated in group and solo exhibitions in the National Artistic Space and since 2006, performed activities and public art mural in the MUROSUR group - participating in several international meetings representing our country,” says Acting Consul General, Alejandro Zothner Meyer.

“Pablo’s strength lies in his sensitivity, sensibilities with various mediums and creative expression,” adds Jalpa Vithalani, the Curator & Gallerist.

Pablo himself is fascinated with the hustle in Mumbai, the hi-rise buildings, the ocean and much more, as he explores the city. He has created a unique collection of watercolor paintings 'Walking India', showcasing these visuals.

The Artist had a wonderful visit to Dharamshala recently and what touched him was the mountains and stillness. From this birthed an exquisite ‘Monk’ series. These are representational of the immense strength & peace that comes from stillness, not renunciation.

This visually powerful collection is exclusively showcased at Cosmic Heart Gallery. Easy to put up sizes in any space and beautifully framed, these watercolor paintings make attractive collages when displayed together as a series as well.

» About Argentine Art

The Argentina Republic, since its creation, was characterized by a wealth of creative visual arts. It is a land rich in the crafts, the colours and techniques of master craftsmen from the native population. It's visual history speaks at length of artists & travelers in vigorous search of new trends & pictorial models, collectors & lovers of good art and also artists who discovered a breakthrough in models for future generations. Towards the end of the last century, we find profound political changes in America that led to new actors in the artistic arena, as is in the case of Latin American Muralism to show how often they emerge from their own history as a country, the possible languages that allow to us translate the feelings of people.

» Message from The Consulate General and Promotion Centre
  of the Argentine Republic

The Consulate General and Promotion Centre of the Argentine Republic in Mumbai was opened on 1st April, 2009. Apart from the Embassy of Argentina in New Delhi, this office is the second Argentine Representation in India. Since its inception, it has strived to build and strengthen long-lasting relations between Argentina and India, through a wide range of consular, cultural, trade and investment promotional activities and initiatives. 

“Argentina has a long and rich history of artists from the various fields of performing arts, music, literature, architecture, cinema and visual arts. The works of some of our most renowned artists have found a place amongst the most recognized collections in galleries across the world. Muralist Pablo Ramirez Arnol is among the new breed of Argentine artists, whose work is a representation of the Latin American/Mexican school of Muralism. We are happy to be associating with Cosmic Art Gallery as they give us the opportunity to encourage and support Argentine art and artists like him.”

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