Horizon is artist Natasha Lalla’s sixth Solo Exhibition. Painting since the last 12 years, she has developed a distinct style of her own, which involves painting using her fingers without ever owning a paintbrush. She uses vivid colours to create stunning abstract works that come from deep within her & unleash a host of creative & universal energies that reflect her spirituality.
This series titled ‘Horizon’, include striking paintings that transport the viewer to a space that is vast and unlimited, as far as the imagination can go. Here, one’s perspective and perception shapes their reality. The more one expands their horizon, the better their understanding of life and the little things.
How far would you like to go?
How much would you like to widen your vision and understanding?
Natasha’s art helps one make this journey and experience a larger, more colorful take on life! In words of Ralph Waldo Emerson – The health of the eye seems to demand a horizon. We are never tired, so long as we can see far enough.
Many traditions and cultures, such as Chinese, Ayurvedic, Theosophist and ancient Greek and Egyptians believe in the healing power of colours, based on the effect their vibrations have on the body and mind. Kandinsky, one of the first abstract painters, was keenly interested in colour in art and developed many theories on the properties of colour in art and how they are best used.
Natasha’s use of colour and her unique style of painting is unmatched. She has a deep understanding of how colours impact one’s overall sense of well-being. “Colours have healing properties and the method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation to cure diseases is called chromo therapy. A centuries-old concept used successfully over the years. For me painting is a form of artistic meditation. I feel it is important for people to see the artist through the works,” says the artist Natasha Lalla.
“This contemporary abstract collection is fluid and has intensity. The hues and tones would complement many spaces. Natasha’s works are vibrant yet have a calming effect on the space they are in,” says Jalpa H Vithalani, Creative Head & Director, Cosmic Heart Gallery.

Her canvas is her smorgasbord where artist Natasha unleashes a host of creative and universal energies.  Abstraction in acrylic is what she derives in her paintings which to a lame-eye can be summed up as exuberant harvests of blending colours and finger strokes. One could say that Natasha’s art style is something on the lines of the famed artist Rassoulli whose work has been quoted as “the little realities we can’t see or the art that dances… without dancers”. 

Painting in free form, stream of consciousness is a form of artistic meditation that reflects the style that we see demonstrated in Natasha’s work today. Natasha has a unique way of reflecting her spiritual and sublime experiences by expressing images from her subconscious onto canvas by swirling finger strokes.

She enjoys the mysticism of the abstract medium of art by surrendering conceptually to what is felt on a deeper level.  The artist has been sharing her unique gift of helping people discover their souls through her paintings.

Natasha does not paint with a brush as she finds it resisting her flow of pure divine energy. 

“I do not know where to begin about my journey.  I think it started as a child.  I just knew I was different and my unconscious would reveal to me what I should do and as I grew up I just learnt to trust it totally.  Complete surrender is what gives me this unique gift to do what I do.  I have had no formal training in art but just a love for it since childhood.” says Natasha.

“I have never been a religious person but a spiritual being having a human experience is what I believe; I also believe there are no coincidences in life.”

It is an absolute delight to watch Natasha create one of her signature pieces with her fingers. This is one in a million artists who does not own a brush.

A rendition of dimensions, a strong palette of colours, an empty artist...truly allowing the universe to flow in.
Delighted to present Natasha Lalla, who creates stunning art with her swirling finger strokes. One in a million artists who does not own a brush!
There was a time when 'universe' meant 'all there is'. 'String theory' smoothes out the inconsistencies that exist between quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity. It posits that the entire universe can be explained in terms of really small strings that vibrate in ten or eleven dimensions — meaning dimensions we cannot see.
These youthful flights of fancy, with their imagined parallel realities, resonate with an increasingly prominent theme in modern science — the possibility of 'hidden' worlds lying beyond the one we know.
Parallel realities or parallel realms, is used to embrace this hidden reality that not just our universe, but a spectrum of others that may be out there.
"To me, it is enormously exciting, to step outside the everyday and really look at the universe, within these mathematical terms, on its grandest scales." says the artist Natasha Lalla."It is at once humbling and stirring to imagine just how expansive reality may be."
“This collection of art is an exploration of such possibilities, a considered journey through the science of parallel realms or universes. Through this art we invite you to enter an imaginary parallel world constructed of light and driven by fantasy.” Says Jalpa H Vithalani, Creative Head & Director, Cosmic Heart Gallery.
This stunning collection of art has depicted these realms in a mesmerizing way.

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