Cosmic Heart Gallery & Culture House of IR of Iran bring to India for the first time in history, a stunning collection of rare fine art prints of celebrity preeminent Iranian Artist Mahmoud Farshchian – A master of Persian painting & miniatures. A vehicle for musings that take the viewer well beyond the ostensible subject.
Inauguration by Mr. Masood Khaleghi, Consul General of Iran
Celebrity pre-eminent Iranian painter, Master Mahmoud Farshchian, is an astounding phenomenon in the history of the Iranian art of painting. Mahmoud Farshchian paintings have become symbols of Iranian contemporary arts in the world. Master Farshchian’s beautiful paintings show us a perfect synergy between mankind, animals and the nature that surrounds them. His works demonstrate how these are interlinked, inter-dependent and united with each other. His works are examples of Iranian painting blended with modern techniques. His works are inspired by literature and poetry.
The Painter of Spiritus Mundi
The beauty of the works of the pre-eminent Iranian painter Master Mahmoud Farshchian, led me deep into the vast world of Persian culture. Farshchian dedicated himself to the study of Persian literary works and poetry in search of an avenue to the development of the art in Iran.
Farshchian has now become a point of reference. His mysticism places him in the avant-garde. He tends to show us that which he sees already. Thus he probes through colors and strives to acquaint the observer with the spiritus mundi. He had no intentions to represent the rose, rather he urges us on to sense its fragrance.
Farshchian dedicated himself to the study of Persian literary works and poetry in search of an avenue to the development of the art in Iran. He is an astounding phenomenon and a turning zero point in the history of the Iranian art of painting.
Professor Dr. Umberto Baldani
Chair, Professor of History of Art and President,
International University of Art,
Florence, Italy
The Beauty Of Creation
Master Mahmoud Farshchian has enjoyed significant success in his native country, his work is displayed in the museum of much-venerated shrine at Mashhad and in Northern Tehran.
His style has its own unmistakable place in modern Iranian art. The subject matter follows different route of the imagination and the spirit. Like many of the artist’s paintings, they offer extended meditations on abstract themes such as “Kindness”, “Compassion” or “Intercession” or use evocative titles like “The Way to Heaven” or “Mirage” as a vehicle for musings that take the viewer well beyond the ostensible subject. 
The range of themes is wide and Farshchian tends to use suave, sweeping, languorous line to evoke another world – a world by turns; ecstatic and melancholy, hopeful and despairing, exalted and oppressed, but always unmistakably his own. He delights in the beauty of creation and his “Garden of Eden” is one such work with its kaleidoscope of colors and arresting detail.
His paintings, then, primarily reflect his own highly individual view of the world; but they also illustrate, the perennial capacity of Iranian art to renew itself in unexpected ways, to glory in great bursts of color and adopt into an Iranian idiom, ideas taken from that outside world.  
Robert Hillenbrand
​Professor of Islamic Art,
​University of Edinburgh,
United Kingdom
Message from Mr Mahdi Zare,
Director, Culture House of the I.R. of IRAN, Mumbai, India
Each culture propagates, promotes and introduces itself through its artistic products. Iranian culture provided valuable works of arts. Culture and art represent nations which speak about the spiritual messages based on peace, humanism, peaceful co-existence and mutual understanding with other cultures and civilizations and this is one of the foundations of Iranian. Iranian art glamorizes minds of spirituality, beauty and perfection-loving people. To exhibit these artistic works symbolizes friendship and love between nations. Our association with Cosmic Heart Gallery and its Head, Madam Jalpa Vithalani will further promote the levels of Iran-India relations.
Message from Ms Jalpa H Vithalani,
Creative Head & Director, Cosmic Heart Gallery, Mumbai, India
Each culture introduces and endears itself to the world through its artistic products. Iran is a country that defines beauty in more ways than one. It was one of the first civilizations of the world & its prized possession has been its art and culture over millennia.
Exchange of Culture and Art is the foundation of peaceful co existence. This is our commitment and endeavor to bridge worlds through the universal language of art. For Cosmic Heart & The Culture House having this exhibition is our little step forward - for creation of beauty & world peace….in & around us.
Master Mahmoud Farshchian Biography
Master Mahmoud Farshchian was born in Isfahan on January 24, 1930. Growing up, he was surrounded by many architectural masterpieces that gradually and subliminally sharpened his awareness of proportion, color, and form. At the age of five, it became evident that his life would be devoted to art and painting. Mahmoud's father, the owner of a leading carpet business, encouraged his interest in design and planted the seeds of art in Mahmoud's heart.
While still in school, Farshchian was invited to learn painting from the famous masters of the time. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Isfahan, he traveled to Europe to study the works of Western artists. Upon his return to Isfahan, Mahmoud began working in the General Office of Fine Arts (later the Ministry of Culture and Art). He was later appointed to the position of administrator of National Arts. It was then that he joined the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University as an art professor. It was there that he created many of his unique masterpieces.
Farshchian later moved to the United States and currently resides in the New York metropolitan area. When he came to the United Stated, Farshchian brought with him many treasures which were welcomed by Bibliotheque Nationale, The British Library, Freer Gallery of Art, Metropolitan Museum, and Harvard University. His works continue to be exhibited in galleries and museums throughout Asia, Europe and the United States, as well as in private collections. Master Farshchian has received many awards throughout his life, including a doctorate in fine arts. He has also received much praise from European academies and museums.
Master Farshchian, has achieved a distinctive style and created a school of his own in painting. Some of his talents are his wonderful sense of creativity, his motive designs, his creation of round spaces, his smooth and powerful lines, and his creation of undulating colors. Farshchian's works are a pleasing composition of both nobility and innovation. His themes are cultivated from classic poetry, literature, the Koran, Christian and Jewish Holy books, as well as his own deep imagination. His most outstanding works are based on human affections and moods, which appear most effectively in graceful faces and figures.
While painting, Farshchian often listens to music and these beautiful rhythms set the mood for his bounding, splashing, sometimes wire-thin brush. His pictures urge us to listen with inner ears to "sounds" as architectonic as his lines and forms. Farshchian has told many tales on canvas in his unique expression of sur-naturalism.
The artist, who was the National Art Specialist of Iran, served as the Director of Department of National Arts in the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Arts and was a Professor at the College of Fine Arts of University of Tehran. He is a member of Academia Europea and Academia Italia Delle Arti e Del Lavoro.
Farshchian is the founder of his own school in Iranian Painting, which adheres to classical form while making use of new techniques to broaden the scope of Iranian painting. He has brought new life to this art form and has freed it from the symbiotic relationship it has historically had with poetry and literature, to give it an independence it had not previously enjoyed. His powerful and innovative paintings are dynamic, expansive and vibrant canvases with an appealing fusion of the traditional and the modern, which are constituents of his unique style of painting.
Master Farshchian has played a decisive role in introducing Iranian art to the international art scene. He has been invited to speak and exhibit at numerous universities and art institutes. There have been six books and countless articles published about Farshchian's works.
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