Alison & Leslie Pinto are a husband-wife duo that share a passion for painting. Both intensely private people, whose expression is explicit & profound through their beautiful works of art. The journey started organically for pleasure and turns of life led them to exhibiting their art as a team.

What is amazingly beautiful is that Alison is painting & bringing out the soul of women and Leslie the beauty & soul of men. Leslie’s forte amongst all subjects are his collection of stunning horses.”

Their art speaks volumes of colour and expressions.
Leslie Pinto
“Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.” ~ Jackson Pollock
Leslie Pinto is as an Interior Designer by profession, but his sheer love for art enables him to spend long hours painting by night. An aspiring artist, Leslie longed to study art, but that dream remained unfulfilled. That did not change his course however, and today as a self-taught artist he experiments with various mediums. His current focus is pastel pieces which draw accolades and admiration.
Leslie’s work displays versatility in medium and subjects, and yet each of his pieces, be it portraits or his favorite subject ‘Horses’ always bring out the quality of STRENGTH. A person of few words, he prefers his paintings to speak for him. For his debut with Cosmic Heart Gallery, he will be displaying a stunning collection of horses.
“I love to capture strength, light and emotion and nothing speaks to me more powerfully than untamed horses,”says the Artist.
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