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International Delphic Games is traditionally the equivalent of the sporting Olympics for performing arts & culture that took place in ancient Greece, simultaneously as the Delphic Games. In the modern era, the International Delphic Council is now based in Germany.

In the year 582 BC, the first Pythian Games took place in Delphi on the southern mainland of Ancient Greece. In 394 AD, the Roman Emperor Theodosius 1st banned them as a pagan ceremony. The Greek poet Angelos Sikelianos and his wife Eva Palmer initiated a first attempt to revive the Pythian Games 1927 and 1930 in Delphi.

After many years of preparation by J. Christian B. Kirsch for the revival of the Delphic ideal, the International Delphic Council (IDC) (a worldwide umbrella organization for culture); formed on 15th December 1994 at Castle Schoenhausen in Berlin, Pankow (Germany) with representatives from 20 nations. It was the birth of the worldwide Delphic Movement.

The India Chapter... & Cosmic Heart Gallery

India is a very special place to meet these requirements due to the amazing arts and cultural heritage and its almost unlimited amount of spiritual talents.

Jamshed Mistry has been appointed as the Independent legal advisor to the International Delphic Council worldwide. He is founder of the a virtual global network of lawyers.

J. Christian B. Kirsch had the pleasure to meet Jalpa H Vithalani at the Cosmic Heart Gallery in Mumbai, whom he found a very unusual combination of creativity, spiritual power and business woman. “It seemed to me knowing her since a long time, even if I met her at that visit the first time.”

This had lead to uniting networks national and international and inviting her into the IDC Head Quarter to take position as Co-founder of the Delphic Royal Society & Delphic Advisor to Asia, IDC.

The Royal Delphic Society is a platform for royalty around the world to help preserve traditions and cultural heritage of their various regions and serve as patrons of the arts on a global platform.

It would be interesting to mention that Nelson Mandela has been the Delphic Ambassador for Youth. Mr. J Christian Kirsch was invited at the “Gathering of Traditional Leaders in Honour of and to pay Tribute to Nelson Mandela” in Pretoria at Freedom Park. At this occasion he met Chiefs, Kings and Queens and introduced to some of them the traditional leaders platform, the Delphic Royal Society for those being in charge to preserve traditions and cultural heritage – regardless if in political position or not.

Secretary General, Mr. J. Christian B. Kirsch says,  “I am convinced that together Cosmic Heart Gallery and the International Delphic Society will open a new chapter in India, Asia and the world sharpening the senses in society for spirituality, artistic values and setting new parameters, criteria’s according our Delphi Code to serve highest standards. With Cosmic Heart Gallery, Jalpa H Vithalani has created a real treasure chamber being gifted to see, to feel and to convince with the power of beauty.”

Delphic in the Modern Era - From ancient to contemporary

Just as the Olympic Games bring people together across the globe through their enthusiasm for sports, the Delphic Games of the modern era unite people of all nations and cultures through their fascination for the arts.

Delphic Movement was founded to contribute to friendly and peaceful relations among nations and their citizens by promoting and encouraging friendly, tolerant and respectful relations among the diverse cultures of the world through cross- cultural artistic exposure and education.  This undertaking is supported by the creation by the International Delphic Council of various unbiased forums for the international promotion and display of national and regional cultures and arts through performances, exhibitions and competitions.

The Delphic Games promote the dialogue between all cultures and offer outstanding representatives of arts and culture a unique stage for competing, lecturing, presenting and for an intercultural exchange of ideas. The International Delphic Council supports forward-looking developments in arts and culture, yet at the same time seeks to preserve the cultural heritage of humankind.

The Six Delphic Art Categories
 • Musical Arts & Sounds
 • Performing Arts
 • Language Arts
 • Visual Arts
 • Social Arts & Communication
 • Ecological Arts & Architecture
Goodwill Message from Director General of UNESCO

Through the reintroduction of the Delphic Games, you have created an exceptional opportunity for people of different cultures to meet in the spirit of tolerance and understanding, and promote the ideals of international co-operation and universal dialogue pursued by this organization.
Koïchiro Matsuura
UNESCO Director General, May 2000

Motivating Forces behind the International Delphic Movement

 • The Recognition - that the arts reflect the common ground of our humanity and transcend our cultural differences.

 • The Shared Belief - that arts education greatly enriches the character and quality of the creative capacity of the individual, thereby enabling the world citizenry to face the challenges of the future with a balanced perspective.

 • The Hope - that through promoting artistic expression on an international level, we can cultivate a deeper respect and understanding of the cultural traditions driving international relations, and thereby become a harmonizing influence.

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