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Hesham Malik
Hesham Malik, born in Bahrain, went to Dubai from Mumbai at age 13. He completed his schooling and later went to Seneca College, Toronto where he obtained a Diploma in International Business before moving to University of Waterloo where he obtained a degree in the faculty of Arts.
A self-taught artist, Hesham has been painting since the age of seven. He has participated in a number of volunteer institutions where he displayed the art for pleasure and charity. Hesham has had a few solo exhibitions in Dubai, the last few being at The Four points by Sheraton titled “Orange Peel” , and at The Pullman Hotel  titled “An illuminating Inspiration”  which was a confluence of art and poetry based on the collection of poems Titled “Parijat”, which received encouraging reviews.
Hesham pours his emotions, imagination and thoughts into colors and his imaginative use of them.  He takes everyday subjects and lends color to them. His work is unique as it displays a continuous ongoing dialogue in his mind. He displays what lies within him, his imagination, travel memories, experiences, science and confusion. He resorts to vibrant colors with bold shapes exquisite and intricate designs. 
Hesham’s creations display versatility varying from different styles of painting such as abstract expressionism, figurative, calligraphy, pop art, mix media on canvas and charcoal. He plays with a mix of various mediums such as oil paint, water color, acrylic, pen and ink, pastels, chalk and charcoal.
Unlike most other artists Hesham uses application tools such as his fingers, porcupine quills, rose stems, wood pieces and cloth, besides the commonly used tools such as stick, brush and palette knife.
Despite his versatility Hesham has managed to retain his signature style which is the exquisite, delicate and intricate art work - breathtakingly enchanting and appealing. As Hesham reflects, "Innovating different styles that are a reflection of the new languages of color within him convey the essence of his experience and his sense of deep connection to the world of art.”
Some of his celebrated art works are Sufism: Musical Mystical Mantra a series of 21 paintings, Sentimente, (1999, Athens – Greece), Hiranyaksi (The Demoness), 2001, Kingston – Ontario, Immortalized, 2002, London - United Kingdom, Ganesha, 2002, Toronto, Ontario, Unconciously In Love, 2003, Amsterdam and the most spoken about is “The Sadhu” (the Holy Man) which fetched CAD 400,000 at an auction in Canada.
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