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Gool Lalla
Collection: On the Wings of the Universe
Gool’s mind is a sanctum of love for Mother Earth, as she transcends her passion for this genre of art through beautiful interpretations of our planet. There is a metaphysical surrealism to her work, which she calls her ‘inner realities’ – they are optimistic visions of how she would like to see our planet grow. In a sense, she wishes that the world could be reborn and rise once more from the atrocities which the human race has heaped upon Her.
Gool’s paintings have a unique perception of life on earth, the science of Spirit / Astral world and its role in the universe. Her message via her art is, “Live Responsibly for the Planet and thus for Oneself”.
The artist feels connected to the lost continent of Atlantis - once a noble sophisticated society that reigned in peace and prosperity for centuries until greed and complacency caused its downfall. This pattern is repeating itself today. So, Wake up Earthlings! Through her paintings, she urges us all to rise above and beyond our selfish material ambitions to leave behind an amazingly beautiful world for posterity.
Her paintings are largely symbolic of nature and the environment impregnated with energy-harnessing catalysts like natural formations of crystalline rocks, flora and the water bodies.
Let us once again make our planet the Belle of the Ball as she leads the Cosmic Parade someday soon.
The greatest adventure comes from within, so enjoy your cosmic ride ‘On the Wings of the Universe’!
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