About Us
Carrying frequencies home…
“When an artist empties out, the creativity of the cosmos flows through & the artist becomes an instrument of the universe’s expression.”
Cosmic Heart Gallery is a platform where talent & inspiration meet appreciation.
Art symbolizes beauty. At Cosmic Heart Gallery we offer an exquisite collection of art which will touch your soul. Each piece of inspirational art is charged with the ‘healing frequencies’ which opens us to higher levels of energy, light & information. The gift lies in generating that ‘frequency’ in your sacred space and translating the beauty of the work in a metaphysical way into your psyche.
Cosmic Heart creations are about beauty, art, creativity and expression of The Absolute. You will melt in the presence of our collection of paintings as you soak in the energy, color and flow.
We are all expressions of the Universe. You will find something of resonance at Cosmic Heart. The gift of each painting from Cosmic Heart is the path it offers, which is the journey within. Find the truth of it in yourself and carry the limitless presence of the Reconnective frequencies into your sacred space.
Welcome to Cosmic Heart Gallery!
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